Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe Pocahontas. Probably Evelyen Hooker.

1) New Ro!

2) Successfully trying new recipes! In the past few days, I've made a really good vegan mac and cheese (though I will add less salt than the recipe calls for in the future), and a delicious Chana Masala. Both are surprisingly easy make.

3) Drunk History. There are a bunch more, but this is my favorite. It makes me wonder what historical tale I would tell if someone got me drunk and pointed a camera at me. Maybe Pocahontas. Probably Evelyen Hooker.

4) Sourdough. For the past two months, I've been painstakingly caring for a sourdough starter. It's a challenge in a cold house that went unoccupied for many years (they say that starters do best in kitchens that have been baked in regularly), but it's getting better. If you have a good starter, you can make delicious bread without any added yeast whatsoever! I just think that that is the coolest thing ever. Bread baking is magical on its own, but when you are baking with the yeast that is naturally occurring in our air and in the flour, it's super magical.
Plus, having a starter is kind of like having a pet. Each one is different, you have to feed it on a regular basis, and it kind of smells. Read more about sourdough here.

5) Making art! I've discovered that my mood is drastically better on days that I make art or write creatively. Art is an all natural antidepressant. You should try it.


  1. i love your art! and i can't wait to watch drunk history :D

  2. Things I like: this blog post.

    Also, I'm all about sourdough. I talk to my starter like it's a plant. Er, I mean, a person.