Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any Less Than Perfect

1) Making It Better - Some of you are probably aware of my issues with the It Gets Better Movement. Well, some very smart people have filled in what was missing from that movement and made the Make It Better Project. I hope that it gets just as much attention, and more, than the It Gets Better movement, even if it doesn't have celebrities.
Kids deserve the space to vocalize their own experiences, and the young man in the first video says it so well: "I just kept telling myself 'it's okay, I'll have such a better life when I get to college or get out of school altogether, because that's when I'll be able to actually be myself and live.' So I tried that for a couple of years, and I went day to day, and it just didn't get any better. And then I realized 'Hey I'm gonna be here for a while. Why should these years be any less than perfect for me?' Because I deserved a good life. I deserved to be happy."

2) This art blog started by my friend Ben Valentine.

3) Discovering new music in my itunes library while listening it's on shuffle. My most recently favorite find is the song "Silver Moons" by Sunset Rubdown. Spectacular lyrics, in my opinion.

4) Halloween Greetings from Rowntree, brought to you by JibJab.

5) The fact that I'm no longer sixteen, nor will ever be again. Check out this angst, and do-it-yourself rebellious hair coloring.

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