Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leftover Homestyle Mac & Cheese

1) Alright, I am no longer a big fan of AAA. Did you know that, even though my dad paid to have three cars covered under his membership, my car is not covered because he isn't here? Also, apparently AAA uses its money to support all kinds of environmentally questionable things. I found both of these things out today, and also that the Better World Club is probably the way to go for roadside assistance.

2) After realizing today that AAA was not going to help me, I called a towing company. The man arrived and promptly started my car. My mechanic friend said that the towtruck man probably just got lucky, but I am very happy that he did. At the very least, I have hope that my car will get me home for Thanksgiving, when I can have it checked out by the family mechanic.

3) Sites that make my never ending quest for new music easier.

4) My boss, who brought me another box of Mike & Ike, and sent me home with two giant containers of leftover homestyle mac & cheese.

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