Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Oh my God, we're grown ups."

1) The four sixth grade girls that came into the Diner today. It was obviously a big deal to be eating out without an adult. They asked a lot of questions, and at one point one of them looked over her menu at her friends and said "Oh my God, we're grown ups." I wanted to tell her that I have that same thought on a daily basis.

2) Finding a song and being pretty sure the first time I hear it that I am going to listen to it over and over until I hate it. The song Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons has everything I need in a song right now: multiple stringed instruments including a banjo, an occasional pronounced beat, singing at the end without instruments, and the word "fuck." I can almost guarantee that in a month (maybe less), I will be incredibly sick of it from over-listening.
3) Drinking fancy beer, eating free homestyle mac & cheese, sour milk chocolate cake and Mike & Ike, and watching Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince in front of a really hot fire with Natalie after a long day.

4) Long Thanksgiving breaks! I know that my opportunity for week long breaks from work will decrease as my age and number of commitments increase, so I plan to appreciate this one a whole lot.


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