Sunday, November 14, 2010

Even If I've Been Dead

1) My dad, who recently said to me "If you ever fall in love with any kind of exercise, even if I've been dead for twenty years, I want you to tell me."

2) the Name Anagram Generator. My anagram is "I am the saner able," but you can also use it for other things. Some good anagrams that I've discovered:
Karen Staab (my mom): Brake, Satan!
Earlham College: Hello! Lame Grace.
Newfield, New York: Wrinkled of Weeny
and, my all time favorite (I don't know what prompted me to type this into the anagram generator, but I'm so glad that I did).....
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Pithy Female Braves Fury

3) The friend request I got on Facebook with the message: "Hi U Look Great In Read."Oh goodness. I'm sorry that our public school system has failed you so horribly, random facebook stranger, but also, that's pretty hilarious.

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