Friday, November 12, 2010

the exquisite failure uncouth

1) Nearly perfect sentences. I've recently become interested in how a combination of things (sentence structure, meaning, allusion, emotion, rhythm, etc.) contribute to making nearly perfect sentences. Here are some of my recent favorite sentences:
- "Love accepts counsel from no calamity." - Rumi
- "so of my stupid sincere youth, the exquisite failure uncouth" - ee cummings
- "I started thinking of things that make me happy, and now I can't stop." - Maggie Ashmore

2) Cash Cab. I love it. When things get slow at the Diner, we turn on the tv and watch Cash Cab. You might be familiar with Cash Cab from it's recent cameo on 30 Rock, thus combining two of my favorite televised things.

3) My uncle is in the NY Times! Apparently Tom, my sister's partner, was reading the NY Times and happened to notice that Bill Staab was quoted. Pretty cool.

4) Veteran's Day! The fact that today is a national holiday meant that kids didn't have school, and the fact that kids didn't have school meant that a large number of parents (who might not feel as positively about their kids not being in school as I/the kids feel) brought their kids to the Diner! Customers! Tips! It also meant that my boss' son hung out with us and washed dishes. All I really need to be happy is a snarky teenager and someone else to do the dishes.

5) My mom's face in this picture taken circa 1950 (she's the blond on the right).

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