Monday, November 29, 2010

"You didn't scrub behind the toilet?"

1) Pie for breakfast.

2) Cleaning other people's bathrooms. I like cleaning because you work for a little while and see results fairly soon, and you can really get into the zone. The cleaning zone, I guess. And cleaning other people's bathrooms is better than cleaning your own, definitely. I once toyed with the idea that maybe I should clean other people's homes professionally, but decided against it. Here's why: when I surprise someone by cleaning their bathroom or kitchen, they are always surprised and happy. They never say "You didn't scrub behind the toilet?" Whatever you do is more than they expect, so they're never disappointed. Or if they are, they don't tell you.

3) Can't stop listening to this song now. Lyrics can be found here.

4) What? Oh no. (Thanks, Max).

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