Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have Fun

1) Tanya Davis' poem & video "How to Be Alone." (I found a link that also has the next, since I know that you can't view the video, Mags).

In the past week or so, I've taken a bunch of pictures with the intention of posting them on this here blog, but didn't. So now you get them all at once!

2) Coming home to find that a Friend has reattached our porch door! There used to be nothing there.
3) Free, delicious water from the spring on rt 79.
4) This beautifully presented mango "chicken" from the Vegetarian Palate in Brooklyn.

5) The sock rug that my mom is making for me from 30 years of saved socks, the white ones dyed orange.
6) I'm sorry that this isn't the best quality photo, but I took it while driving on the highway, so, yeah. I like that someone wrote "HAVE FUN" on this truck's mud flaps.

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