Thursday, December 2, 2010

You watchin?

1) The following three text messages that I received last night (it should be known that I do not have a tv, so I watch all shows the day after they air:
8:44 pm Chez: You watchin?
8:44 pm Chez: You wachin?
8:59 pm Chez: Anne won top model.

2) This awesome movement.

3) This interesting use of your internet fanbase.

4) This poem by Daphne Gottlieb:

The Frightening Truth About Desire

it's on but
i don't know
whether i want
to be
her, fuck her
or borrow her clothes

5) Socially Awkward Penguin

6) I was gonna talk about the reasons I like "Donors Choose," but now I decided not to. I do like Donors Choose, but mostly I like my sister, and I want you guys to donate money to help her buy books for her middle school special ed students in the Bronx.

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