Saturday, December 4, 2010

Didn't wear your tights yesterday did you?

1) Homemade envelopes.
I was lucky enough to get three letters this week. Two of them were in homemade envelopes, which inspired me to dive into my letter box and look at all of the lovely letters I've received in homemade envelopes (I blurred the addresses so that none of ya'll creepers stalk me and my loved ones):
2) Kittens on slides. (thanks, Will)

3) Christmas trees! We got ours today, and it smells/looks wonderful. I will take a picture of it once we get it decorated.

4) I got in a minor car accident yesterday, which I don't like, but I do like that everyone is fine, there was very little damage to either vehicle, and everyone involved (including the cop, and a witness with three kids who gave hugs and was generally reassuring) was really kind. I also like the following conversation that I had with my friend Will:
Hel: I was hoping to make it to 30 without being the driver in an accident.
I told my mom that and she said "Who do you think you are, superwoman?" And I said/sobbed "I hoped so!"
Will: hehehe...didn't wear your tights yesterday did you? that was the mistake

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