Sunday, January 30, 2011

On a Related Topic

1) I'm visiting my parents for the weekend, and last night we decided to watch a movie. We watched a VHS recording off of the TV of Notting Hill, complete with TV ads. The movie was taped off the TV in 2003. One of the ads was introducing text messages. Crazy. Then, after the movie, the news came on. It was covering the story of the February 15th Peace Rallies - the largest world wide protest in history, which I participated in with friends in NYC as a 14 year old. It was so interesting to see the way that the peace movement, and the imminent war on Iraq, was presented in the media. It made me think about how we might look at this time in history eight years from now - what will cell phones look like and be capable of then?

2) On a related topic, check out this news clip from 1994, right when the internet was gaining ground: the Today Show January 1994

3) Found these pictures in my iphoto, taken at Sunplash in August of 2009. Never before seen, because for some reason I chose not to put them on facebook.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things Found in My Bed

As I mentioned earlier, members of Rowntree (the house I lived in senior year of college) have been exchanging pictures that we took throughout the year and at all of our time at Earlham (better late than never). Going through iphoto, I found a photo album titled "Things I Found in My Bed." It chronicles my experience living in Northern Ireland in 2009, where I lived with a host family in Derry. The room I stayed in was the play room of my three host brothers and their many friends during the day, and my bed was host to all sorts of toys that I would discover when I tried to sleep at night.
Here is a sample:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horcruxes and Bball

1) Chez recently decided that she wants me to send her a bunch of the pictures I took throughout college, so she sent me a list of the ones she wanted, broken down by facebook album. I really like seeing my time at college summarized like this. It's a lot, so I've only included the first five albums, and italicized the most amusing bits. sweet it is- all of them up to teddy gunn in a car.
2. cheeseball nuts-jennys bday, springfest, ladies night, trampoline, me and isa matching pjs, genderbender, roller skatin, mervyn, spring break walk on that really sunny day
3. kill em with cuteness- house pics, birthday, horcruxes and bball, pizza, forts, pancake tuesday,caps and gowns, stairs, thai 9 and macks, fondue, teddy gunn and bible, me and jenny, your birthday, and me and jenny
4. someday well get paid- chez bellies, brimballs, halloween, cookie dough and lazy livin room, rosie bday, tats and country thing we never went to= up to the christmas sign, christmas party, lg, brims (everything up to the dog)
5. stupid bird= all of em

2) "I was on the bus, and there was this ad that said 'Is your house haunted...' And I was like 'Yes! Is there someone I should call?' and then I looked closer and in smaller letters it said 'with asbestos?' and I was like 'Oh.'" - Anna Obermayer

3) This analysis of patterns of speech in the State of the Union Address.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fistful of Jolly Ranchers

1) This fun demonstration of the orbits of the planets.

2) This tool for finding out things you might want to know about products you use.

3) Someone recently asked me why I don't share my own poetry on this blog. The answer is simple: to say that I "like" my own work would seem pretty cocky. I really only like it about 50% of the time, anyway. But, since it was requested, here is a poem that I wrote in High School that I like pretty well:

How to Break Up With Your Shrink

She'll want to know why.
It's hard, but be sure to make eye contact
as you relate to her
that things just aren't working out anymore.
The chemistry is gone.
Keep your cool, or else
you might show how you're shaking inside,
you might blurt out "It's not me, it's you!"
and scream about all the ways she let you down.
don't do that.
She'll be very sensible about it.
Say that yes, sometimes people change,
develop new needs that cannot be filled
by the person they're currently seeing.
She'll wish you luck in your endeavors,
she will only sound hurt for a second.
You may or may not want to mention
that you've started seeing someone else.
That you have, actually,
visited him multiple Wednesdays,
while still seeing her on Mondays.
As you leave, shake her hand.
Be sure to use your left hand,
not the right hand,
clenching one last fistful of jolly ranchers
from the ceramic bowl on her glass coffee table.
Say "goodbye" and "thank you"
in a politely detached voice.
Leave your final check
next to the vase of fake flowers,
and don't look back.

4) This picture of my great grandmother, Helen.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oyster Mushrooms

1) Oyster mushrooms.

2) Today I got two packages!

From Maggie, a beautiful homemade hat:
From Jenny, a tin full of homemade goodies, including a homemade peanut butter cup, mint chocolate bars, and a mini woopie pie!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perscription Cat Food

1. I've been slowly working my way through this list. Some I've seen before, some I wish I'd seen earlier, some I wish I'd never seen at all.

2. "Some people would use a million dollars well. And I see myself as one of those people. " - Mom

3. "Karen bought some prescription food for her and me. Yeah, it’s prescription cat food, supposedly it’s made with all of the finest quality ingredients." - Dad

4. Icicles, as seen from my hallway window.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Get Up Off the Floor It's Only Thursday

1. Driving into snow as it falls. Okay, put aside concerns about skidding and driving off of the road, and think about how cool it looks when they snow is coming at you. It's hard not be hypnotized by it, which is bad news bears when you're the one driving, but pretty great when you're the passenger.

2. The fact that this young lady took the time to translate Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" into American sign language. Imagine being deaf, and having never heard the song before, and then seeing this for the first time.

3. Moosewood Restaurant. Oh man.

4. This accurate depiction of how I imagine I will feel tomorrow (thanks to

Monday, January 17, 2011

Buffalo Sauce

1. Opening my e-mail to find a link to this video in my inbox.

2. Shoveling snow, in moderate doses. Here's why: it's physical activity that accomplishes something, and you can easily see your progress.

3. This guy who illegally explores and photographs under NYC, and some London. There's a really great mini-movie on the site, and also some amazing photography.

4. Watching football while eating things.

5. Pretty much anything that has buffalo sauce on it.

6. Okay, I cannot say that I "like" the writings/speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. "Like" is not the right word. If you have a chance, take the time to revisit some of his speeches or writings. Forget about being required to read them for school, or memorize them for class. Read Letter From a Birmingham Jail, or Beyond Vietnam: a Time to Break the Silence, and just soak it up. I think the right word is closer to awe.
This video also has some great quotes, many less known, from MLK.

Monday, January 10, 2011


apologies for my absence!

1) An elderly man who came to the Diner today. It was clear that all he really wanted was a cookie, but he decided to have a burger. He told me that he would have a cookie if he finished his lunch. I walked by as he was finishing his burger, and said "How's it going?" and he said "Cookie." So I brought him a cookie, and he was happy.

2) This particularly genius mashup trailer of Fiddler on the Roof and You Got Served.

3) When I think "I would like to talk to Colin, I wonder if he is on gchat," and then I go on gchat and yes, he is there.

4) Street art.

5) Two things for this one thing: I like friends coming to visit, and I like waterfalls in winter.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Non-Optional Head Rubs

Maggie, who was a good cat, and had a wonderful half a mustache and goatee. She wasn't incredibly photogenic, but she had a good life and we'll miss her a lot. Thanks for ten years of friendly greetings at the door, non-optional head rubs, wonderful quirkiness, unconditional love when you felt like it, and other comedic material, Mags. Get that camera away from me.

One of her favorite spots.

Maggie always had more grace than her brother.

But sometimes she graced him with her company.