Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horcruxes and Bball

1) Chez recently decided that she wants me to send her a bunch of the pictures I took throughout college, so she sent me a list of the ones she wanted, broken down by facebook album. I really like seeing my time at college summarized like this. It's a lot, so I've only included the first five albums, and italicized the most amusing bits. sweet it is- all of them up to teddy gunn in a car.
2. cheeseball nuts-jennys bday, springfest, ladies night, trampoline, me and isa matching pjs, genderbender, roller skatin, mervyn, spring break walk on that really sunny day
3. kill em with cuteness- house pics, birthday, horcruxes and bball, pizza, forts, pancake tuesday,caps and gowns, stairs, thai 9 and macks, fondue, teddy gunn and bible, me and jenny, your birthday, and me and jenny
4. someday well get paid- chez bellies, brimballs, halloween, cookie dough and lazy livin room, rosie bday, tats and country thing we never went to= up to the christmas sign, christmas party, lg, brims (everything up to the dog)
5. stupid bird= all of em

2) "I was on the bus, and there was this ad that said 'Is your house haunted...' And I was like 'Yes! Is there someone I should call?' and then I looked closer and in smaller letters it said 'with asbestos?' and I was like 'Oh.'" - Anna Obermayer

3) This analysis of patterns of speech in the State of the Union Address.

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