Monday, January 17, 2011

Buffalo Sauce

1. Opening my e-mail to find a link to this video in my inbox.

2. Shoveling snow, in moderate doses. Here's why: it's physical activity that accomplishes something, and you can easily see your progress.

3. This guy who illegally explores and photographs under NYC, and some London. There's a really great mini-movie on the site, and also some amazing photography.

4. Watching football while eating things.

5. Pretty much anything that has buffalo sauce on it.

6. Okay, I cannot say that I "like" the writings/speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. "Like" is not the right word. If you have a chance, take the time to revisit some of his speeches or writings. Forget about being required to read them for school, or memorize them for class. Read Letter From a Birmingham Jail, or Beyond Vietnam: a Time to Break the Silence, and just soak it up. I think the right word is closer to awe.
This video also has some great quotes, many less known, from MLK.

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