Monday, February 14, 2011

If You Choose to go in Drag, Don’t Sell Yourself Short

1) 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son. Some of you might know that I regularly write messages to my someday daughter in my journal (usually along the lines of "Someday Daughter, don't do what I did last night..."). Once I even wrote an apology to my someday son that I never wrote messages for him. Anyway, this guy has done a similar thing. He hasn't made it up to 1001 yet, but there are a lot, so here are some of the best (in my opinion):

480. If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.

474. If you choose not to own a TV, keep it to yourself.

453. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.

437. Refill the ice cube tray.

426. Don’t tell someone he has a sunburn. He knows.

403. If you choose to go in drag, don’t sell yourself short.

213. Go barefoot. It toughens the feet.

199. Limit your time in California.

197. There’s nothing wrong with musical theater. (Everything in moderation.)

178. Believe it or not, a museum is a great place to beat a hangover. It’s cool, quiet, and full of water fountains.

171. Know the proper time to wear a tuxedo. It’s more often than you think.

170. Know the proper time to chew gum. It’s less often than you think.

168. Be cool to the younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime.

149. Don’t let the ice cream truck get away.

143. Be able to identify all of the trees on your block.

132. If you don’t know what a word means, ask. Before it’s too late.

130. Don’t attempt a dialect other than your own.

109. Close the door, turn it up, dork out.

99. Nothing good ever happens after 3 am. I promise.

2) When I'm in the far right lane, and want to pass someone going slower than me who is in the middle lane, I like to carefully change lanes into the far left lane and pass them on the left AS A STATEMENT. That's how it should be done, I don't care what the law is.

3) The song "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. It's free on itunes!

4) Songs about growing up. Sometimes I like growing up, sometimes it horrifies me. Either way, I think about it a lot. So I really appreciate that so many songs have been written on the subject. Here are some of my recent favorites:

- Wake Up by Arcade Fire, lyrics here. I chose the youtube video that pairs the song with clips from the movie Where the Wild Things Are, because to me, the movie and the song are about the same thing. Deal with it.

- I already linked to it last night, but the song Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes is actually the song that inspired this list. Lyrics here.

- Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise, by the Avett Brothers. The title is pretty much spot on. I also like the line "Decide what to be and go be it." See the full lyrics here.

If you feel like it, post your favorite songs about growing up in the comments. If you can figure out how to leave a comment, which I can only do 50% of the time.



    is this growing up?

  2. It IS illegal to pass on the right. Right on!!!