Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat Until You Feel Pretty

1) Better Book Titles
I'm not familiar enough with book covers to get all of these but here are my favorites:

2) Seasoning my wok. It reminds me of experimenting with heat patinas in the metals studio. Sorry about the smoke alarm, housemates.

3) Hey look! Look at this! It looks like this cat just asked that man which way his cat friends went.

4) When the librarian compliments me on my book selection. Even if it was 99% children's books.

5) KEXP's song of the day. You can download the podcast on itunes. (If you want to convert the podcast to a song file, click on the song, then file>get info>options>media kind>music. You might also want to make sure that "skip when shuffling" isn't checked). Looking at their past song selections, it is clear that I would have heard of a lot of my favorite songs sooner, therefore giving me more listening time, if I had been listening to KEXP's song of the day from the start.

6) Are you sick of highly paid teachers? (I searched the internet in vain for the original author of this piece. Sorry, I really did want to give you credit, anonymous author).

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