Tuesday, March 1, 2011

“I am a beautiful animal! I am a destroyer of worlds!"

1. It's March! February is over! March greeted me last night at 12:30 with a text from my friend Max in Germany (through g-mail), who gloated that he finished February before I did. I really don't like February in general, and the start of March is always super exciting. When I was younger, it was because my birthday is in early March. Although I still get excited about my birthday, now I'm mostly excited for the beginning of the end of winter.

2. Animals being friends. Speaking of, if you haven't seen this video yet, you should.

3. I don't know that this case really changed Obama's mind like the title of the article claims, but I like it. The video is wonderful. I also really like that Obama has finally decided to take some stand when it comes to gay marriage. It's not my priority when it comes to gay rights, but it is for a lot of people I care about.

4. Yesterday I got a wonderful package from my friend Beka. I got a watercolor palate, a small watercolor pad, and some tubes of paint. I'm really excited about the Payne's Grey, because people keep on talking about it in my watercolor class, but I can't really justify the expense of another tube of paint right now.

5. Found yourself suddenly living in a mostly vegan household with a small shared food budget? Me too! Check out Vegan Dad.

6. Wizard People, Dear Reader. This guy narrates the whole first Harry Potter movie. Stuff like this :
"Harry feels right with himself. He’s down there, a new god who has found his calling. He holds up the Snitch and bellows: “I am a beautiful animal! I am a destroyer of worlds! I am Harry Fucking Potter!” And dear reader, at last, the world was quiet."


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