Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wine, Cake, and Glee

1. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes via internet, phone, and mail.

2. Tonight, I drank some white wine, ate some cake, and watched some Glee. Santana and Brittany sang "Landslide," and it was pretty good (although I really don't see how it was "Sapphic"). But it made me think of the cover of Landslide done by the group the Back Beats in the acapella competition "the Sing Off." It's a shortened version, but it's really great.

3. Notice how I embedded that video there? Yeah, just learned how to do that.

4. Another video, (sorry Maggie and Chez). I like this video with college students speaking out about their need for, and support of, Planned Parenthood.

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