Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Croatian Fan Base

1. We've all been there. I'm perpetually surprised by the fact that we can do things like start cars remotely (really? do we need to do that?) but I've still yet to encounter a printer that didn't give me lip.

2. This is probably old news to all of you, but I recently discovered that you can look at "stats" about who reads your blog and such things. My biggest readership is in the US, and then (in descending order) Germany, Spain, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, the UK, Croatia, South Korea and Canada. Some of those makes sense, but to my Russian, Latvian, Croatian, and South Korean readers, I ask, who are you?

Another strange discovery is that two of my biggest traffic sources are the following sites:,  and That's even more puzzling to me than my Croatian fan base (or is it the reason for my Croatian fan base?).

3. (found on Holly's tumblr)

4. I really love the band the National. I don't tend to enjoy watching youtube videos of live music, but this one is really spectacular. It feels like you are there in the room with them.


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  1. are the south korean and croatian viewers followers or just unique hits?