Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Let Dr. Z Keep You Down

1. Yesterday I hung out with some teenagers who are part of a GLBTQ youth group in Ithaca. They asked me how old I was. I answered "I'm 23," and one girl said "Oh, but you look young, though." Thanks.

2. Rebecca Black's 'Friday' as Radical Text. If you haven't seen or heard of this song, you're lucky. But if you want to inform yourself about something that has united Americans, if only in hatred and distaste, here it is:
I'm not saying that I like this song, I'm saying that I like the critique linked to above.

3. Quakers got some love on the Colbert Report last night. Unfortunately, Stephen Prothero wasn't quite correct about what meeting for worship involves, but it was nice that he thought of us when Colbert asked what the best religion was.

4. There's a tumblr for everything these days. The Fuck Yeah Pyschology Student Platypus tumblr is not all that it could be (and why is it a stuffed platypus? It should be a dog with a fistula), but here are my favorites:

5. Tomorrow is April! It's going to snow. But spring is that much closer. (Thanks again to Max for reminding me via text message that he enters April six hours before me). 

Distressed Haiku - Donald Hall

In a week or ten days
the snow and ice
will melt from Cemetery Road.

I'm coming! Don't move!

Once again it is April.
Today is the day
we would have been married
twenty-six years.

I finished with April
halfway through March.

You think that their
dying is the worst
thing that could happen.

Then they stay dead.

Will Hall ever write
lines that do anything
but whine and complain?

In April the blue
mountain revises
from white to green.

The Boston Red Sox win
a hundred straight games.
The mouse rips
the throat of the lion

and the dead return.

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  1. they also have a fuck yeah art student owl: