Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me in a Tree

1. Sporcle! Today I was reminded of the many glorious hours of senior year that I spent doing Sporcle quizzes instead of work. I often did them with groups of friends in my living room, on my bed, or at work at Runyan desk. It's really not ideal to do them as a group, as it results in a lot of people yelling answers at one person trying to type quickly enough and listen at the same time. The best. Some of my favorites were Top Songs of the 90's, the Beatles in Latin, Game by Cupcake, Books by Their Covers, and all of the many Movie Poster quizzes.

2. Last night I made a very good and very easy vegan chocolate cake. Recipe here. Whipped up a mocha icing with coconut milk creamer, powdered sugar, coffee grounds, and cocoa powder.

3. This interesting study that compares brains' reactions to pain - both physical and emotional. The study suggests that the brain reacts the same way to thinking about a lost love as it does to mild pain. It also mentions the pain associated with social rejection. I would be really interested to see where else this research can go - what about other traumatic events such as death or violence? How long do the physical effects of emotional trauma last compared to the effects of physical trauma?

4. I like it when people send me things that they think I might like to post on my blog. Finding things on the internet to entertain you all with on a regular basis can be time consuming. Thanks for your contributions! Feel free to send me more videos, songs, articles, pictures, links, etc - either in the comments, on facebook, or my e-mail (hmstaab@gmail.com).

5. Whenever I need a picture to spice up a blog post, I just open up iphoto and look for something interesting. Today, I found this picture of me in a tree in Honduras in 2004.

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