Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake Tuesday

1. I almost put off updating this until tomorrow until I remembered that today is Pancake Tuesday. Tomorrow will not be Pancake Tuesday, and while I could still write about how much I like it, it wouldn't be the same. Today is Pancake Tuesday. And I like it.

2. Try to beat the computer at rock paper scissors.

3. Daniel Craig in drag for Women's Day. Also Judy Dench's voice. Did you know she was a Quaker?

4. Tonight I browsed the romantic comedy category of Netflix watch instantly, and decided to watch the trailer for the movie "Good Dick." The movie has been repeatedly appearing on my recommendations list, but I'd always ignored it, cuz, you know, who names a movie "Good Dick?" And who am I to watch such a film? But I watched it. And I really, really liked it. It is not a romantic comedy, I don't think. And it's not as cute as the trailer makes it look. And I can see why it got 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. And it has a truly unfortunate and ill-fitting title. And it's rated R and will probably make some people uncomfortable. And I don't think that the shot that they have as the cover for the movie ever actually happened.  BUT it is unlike any American romance movie I've ever seen, and handles the subject matter of sex phobia and how horrific intimacy can be for some people so gracefully and without being the least bit exploitative.

5. It is still winter here. I don't like that. There's two feet of snow outside. Don't like it. But, I do like looking at pictures of a time, just seven months ago, when I was in Hawaii. 

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  1. so pretty much i've tried to post the same comment 5 times, saying i love the movie good dick.... i saw it on netflix instant play too