Thursday, April 28, 2011

dear old dad

1. Weather warm enough that I can sleep with my window open. Which means that I get to listen to the stream in my back yard. I also really like that I have a stream in my back yard.

2. The weather was so nice yesterday (before the tornado warnings) that I spent a few hours laying in the grass reading. I read the Hunger Games, the first book in a young adult fiction trilogy, in 24 hours. I've put the next book on hold at the library, but I'm third in line. I'm going through Hunger Games withdrawal. I've even considered buying it. But I gotta stay strong.

3. Sharing a Beautiful Sunset (another gem found on Ben Valentine's art blog).

4. Dads: The Original Hipsters
The first post reads: I’m here to make a point and prove that hipsters aren’t original, they’re just trying to be like dear old dad.
This inspired me to look on my computer for some pictures of my dad when he was younger. I think that the glasses he's been wearing for the past 30 some years are proof enough. 

5. The facebook ads trying to get me to take out loans and get a graduate degree in psychology are varied and hilarious.

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