Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Light Green Light

1. When I am driving and there's no one behind me, and I see the light ahead turn red, I like to slow down significantly so that by the time I get to the light, it's turned green again.

2. Global Rich List. Even at my practically non-existent income, I am in the top 14% in the world, and I am grateful.

3. Due to the rain and melting snow, the stream behind my house is running at full capacity. At night, if you stand outside quietly, the sound of running water seems like it's coming from everywhere.

4. The guy who made this ad for YFIR looked at our blog to try to find a vertical picture with a few of the interns. This is the best he could find, and therefore, this is the ad appearing on Quaker websites (that's us dressed up for Halloween):

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