Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Topless Presentations

 Hello dear readers. Today's blog post is dedicated to one of the people that I love most in the world, Isabel Nashingwa. Today is Isa's birthday! Happy birthday, Isa, from 2,710 miles away.
Here are some pictures of the wonderful Isa, and some of her famous quotes.

“I’m not gonna lie… I would eat your goat.” – Isa

“I just wish he would do his presentations TOPLESS” – Isa

Isa: You’re weird.
Hel: Jenny and I do it all the time!
Isa: That doesn’t make it less weird.

“That is definitely something that the Queen of Ding Dongs would say.” - Isa

“You know how I know that you’re drunk? You’re walking slower than me.” - Isa
Isa's 23rd birthday picnic at Earlham last year

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