Monday, May 16, 2011

Awkward Silence

1. Overheard at the GLBTQ teen group in Ithaca: "I heard every time there's an awkward silence, a gay baby is born."

2. This video is great, although as a kid raised without cable tv, I find it lacking in the PBS references. Where's Square One? Ghost Writer? Wishbone?

3. This thing. Follow the directions, try not to blink. Have your mind blown.

4. Last week, I got a package in the mail. I opened it, and it was the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy! I was concerned for a second. The receipt from Amazon said "a gift from Helen Staab." Oh God, I thought, did I order it in my sleep? Checked my Amazon account. No. Posted on facebook asking the gift giver to confess, to find that it was Jenny! Thank you, Jenny! I had a retreat this weekend so I saved the book for today, which I plan to dedicate solely to the reading of this book. I might shower or eat at some point, we'll see.

5. Three articles in the New York Times about homosexuality and heterosexism in athletics.
               1) Two Straight Athletes Combat Homophobia - “I can say something, and it can be so little     for me, but it can be so powerful for tens of thousands of people.”
               2) Rangers' Avery Joins Campaign for Gay Rights
               3) N.B.A. Executive Rick Welts comes out of the closet - okay, I don't really care for the writing style of this article, but it's still important stuff.


7. What if you lived at Ikea?

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  1. Ghost Writer! You're probably the only other person I know who watched that show. You have to admit the premise was kind of lame...but I loved it.