Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Readers, I know that I've been slacking this month. I've often been too busy doing things I like to blog about them. I apologize.

1. Things I Like was awarded the Adorable Blog Award by Laura at Bird in the Rafters. In order to accept this award, I have to tell you all ten things about myself, and nominate someone else for this very prestigious award. You can tell it's prestigious because it comes with this:
I question the decision to make the Adorable Blog Award brown and pink, but it was not my call to make.
Here are 10 things about myself:
1) One of my favorite things to do recently is to come up with unusual pets that I might have in the future, and name them. So far I have a pot bellied pig named Fancy, a flying squirrel named Classy, a chinchilla named Tickle, a falcon named Zeitgeist, and an iguana named Meander.
2) I have reoccurring nightmares about my teeth rotting, chipping, and/or falling out. I blame six years of braces and some guilt-tripping orthodontists.
3) My number one pet peeve is wet socks.
4) My second pet peeve is when people don't replace the toilet paper roll after they finish it. It makes me so angry.
5) I bite my fingernails and have no plans to stop.
6) I once took the train from New York to Seattle. Without one of those fancy sleeper cars, too.
7) One of my goals in life is to attend more weddings than funerals. As of yesterday, I am 4:10.
8) My three favorite green things to eat are broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. In that order.
9) Despite my favoritism for broccoli and asparagus, I still rarely spell them right the first try.
10) This is one of my favorite pictures of me of all time, taken when I was 16. I was getting a drink when a friend decided to take a picture of me, at which point I spat water at him.
 I do enjoy many blogs, but few of them qualify as "adorable." The one that comes immediately to mind is Jenny's Cupcake Chronicle.

2. Swallows.

3. My favorite street artist is Swoon. She doesn't have a website that I can find, but you can google her, or look at some of her work here.

4. I believe that any food-loving person, vegan or not, stoner or not, can appreciate the simple and delicious recipes at the Vegan Stoner.

5. Speaking of food, I cannot tell you how much I like couscous. So much. It takes only a few minutes to make, but is delicious, and for some reason makes you seem like a good cook if you bring it to a pot luck.
Here's how easy it is to make a delicious couscous side:
- Bring a certain amount of water to a boil (for one person, I do a third of a cup).
- Remove from heat, and add the same amount of dried couscous to the water.
- Stir it.
- Add some butter or olive oil, to your liking. I usually add around a tablespoon.
- Add in a clove of finely chopped garlic. 
- Add some salt.
- Add a spice. I favor rosemary or oregano.
- You can get fancy if you want. If you have some pesto in your fridge, add a little of that. If you want to go mediterranean, add chopped olives, feta cheese, cucumber, sun dried tomato and oregano. It's really hard to screw up couscous.
You're welcome.

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  1. I agree on the brown and pink issue. I almost drew my own graphic but I decided I would rather put my energy into other things.

    And thank you so much for sharing Swoon! Her work is beautiful!!