Monday, May 9, 2011

I Read a Book Once

Dear readers, my apologies for making you wait for this one. It'll be extra long, to make up for it.

1. After purchasing the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, I spent four hours in the sun reading the whole thing. It was wonderful. I plan to spend most, if not all, of this summer in my back yard.

2. AgeMaps.

3. Missed connections on Craigslist is a fascinating phenomena of our time, and this person has used it to inspire some amazing art.

4. New York bagels.

5. A dramatic reading of a break up letter.

6. My camera wouldn't turn on because of a "lens error." I noted a dent in the metal surrounding the lens. For days, I mourned the loss of one of my most prized possessions. Today, I had the brilliant idea to make smaller dents in the area around the original dent. Camera fixed!

7. Coconut Curumba. The highest I've gotten is level 10.

8. Can't get enough street art.

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