Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm serious about turning off the sound on Battleship. Please Help.

1. Two things happened today that illustrated the value of a small town diner:
- An elderly man came in to get breakfast by himself. A second elderly man comes in to get breakfast by himself, sees the first man (who of course he knows and is friends with because all elderly men are friends especially in Newfield), and sits and has breakfast with him. Later, a third elderly man comes in to have coffee by himself, and ends up sitting with the first two men.
- The phone rings and a woman asks for my boss. Turns out she has some question about a specific contractor in town, she needs work done on her house. She called my boss because he knows everybody. He doesn't know the number of the contractor she's looking for, but luck would have it, that very contractor is sitting in our diner having breakfast with his wife. Seriously.

2. I know I've posted about National Geographic's Photo of the Day before, but this one is just ridiculous.
3. More good gay news.

4. Spinach.


6. I like to make art. I don't consider myself to be a particularly good artist as far as artists go, but I enjoy what I do. Every once and a while, I finish making something, and I get this feeling of "Woah, did I make that? I didn't know I could make that." I like that feeling, but more than I like that feeling, I like to think about real artists getting that feeling. Did Michelangelo get that feeling after painting the Sistine Chapel? Probably not, he probably knew what he was capable of. But maybe he didn't.

7. I think that the evolution of hipster culture and everyone's hatred/disgust/jealousy/ambiguity/mocking of hipster culture is fascinating, but mostly I like that guy in the back of the car knitting a scarf with roses on it at 0:17.

8. Play Battleship! Online! Please tell me if you figure out how to turn off the sound!

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