Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee ice cubes!

1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is one of my favorite books ever (sorry, Norah). In it, the eight year old protagonist asks for an iced coffee with coffee ice cubes so that when they melt the coffee doesn't get all watery. The barista says they don't have coffee ice cubes. Oscar says, exactly.
When I order iced coffee, I always ask for the minimum amount of ice, otherwise they usually fill a cup with ice and then pour in only a small amount of coffee. It pisses me off.
TODAY I went to the coffee shop above the used bookstore on the Commons, and ordered an iced coffee. I was about to tell him to only use a few ice cubes, when he asked "Regular ice cubes or coffee ice cubes?" I must have responded "coffee ice cubes!" gleefully, because he laughed at me (in a friendly way). Seriously. It made my day, maybe my week. I even told the guy at the auto body shop about it (he was appropriately impressed, if not as excited as I was).

2. An interesting article in the NY Times about a mental illness expert and her own experience with mental illness.

3. Another interesting article about the evolution of gender in our society - I say "evolution" rather than "end," because that is my personal definition of what is happening. I don't believe that gender, being a complicated interaction between societal norms and biological factors, will ever "end," but I do think that our conceptualization of it is always changing, and that there is currently a shift towards a more fluid expression and discussion of gender.

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