Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eric Northman, Cloth Diapers, the National, and Crazy Straws

1. I was feeling a little down about the end of the season for my favorite tv shows, and then I remembered... True Blood. So I'm rewatching the last season in preparation for the premiere in a few weeks. It's bloody, over-sexed and over acted, and I love it.

2. The false sense of coolness that comes from keeping all the lights off.

3. Today I learned to change cloth diapers. Not very difficult at all, and considering the amount of waste disposable diapers make, it makes sense.

4. Somebody stop me because I cannot stop myself from playing with this thing.

5. Today I decided to listen to the songs on the "25 Top Played Songs" list that itunes automatically makes for you. After recovering from the realization that almost all of my top played songs are slow paced and kind of depressing, I was reminded of how much I love this song (warning for Natalie, there are stringed instruments involved):

hover text: I brought it from home

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