Saturday, July 23, 2011


Okay friends, once again I apologize for slacking. For the past week I've been at New York Yearly Meeting Summer Sessions, which did not leave any time for blogging. You'll get over it.
Here are some things that I've recently liked:

1) Seeing Jenny! Doing a terrible job of helping her get around NYC!

2) Vegan buffalo wings from Red Bamboo. Those things are no joke, and I'm fairly certain that I prefer them to real chicken wings.

3) Lula's, a vegan ice cream shop in the East Village.

4) Night swimming.

5) The horizontal human hammock.

6) While star gazing on Thursday night I saw the most impressive shooting star that I've ever seen.

7) Here is a really great song about star gazing, kind of.

8) Another adorable inter-species friendship (thanks, Adrienne).

9) I've been away from the Ithaca area for three weeks. Upon returning, exhausted from a long drive after a long week and a long night of not so much sleep, I was reminded almost immediately of what a special place Ithaca is.
In the Ithaca Bakery, there was this couple dressed up super dapper and holding bouquets. The guy's hair was even parted and slicked down. They were just chillin.
At the table next to us, a family was playing Magic.
On the way home, at a red light, the car next to me honked and motioned to my roof. Oh, I thought, I left something on the roof, I'll pull over next chance I get to remove it. I tried to show the guy in the other car that I'd gotten his message, but he was not satisfied. He was very concerned. He kept motioning to my roof and then reached into his back seat and held up a to-go container. I'd left my to go container on my roof. He didn't stop motioning until I'd put my car in park right there, got out, and took the small box with half a sandwich and some left over soup. He then smiled and happily drove away, satisfied that he had saved what could have been a gourmet meal from a cruel fate.

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