Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm sorry, I'm thinking about cats again

1. On Sunday, I had the following dialogue with my sister:
Anna: Helcat, do you want to see a play?
Me: Maybe...
Anna: It's on a boat.
Me: Really?!?!?! How much does it...
Anna: Free!
If you are in the NYC area, go see Henry V. It starts at Battery Park (England), then there's a scene on a boat on the way to Governor's Island (France), which we invade. Highlights of the experience include:
- safety announcements on the boat made in Shakespearean language
- "charging" from scene to scene (with the kids of the audience leading the way), and a man in the audience who ran past us shouting "Kill the French! Kill the French!"
- marching in unison as an audience with the cast
- seeing the English in between scenes looking at a map of Governor's Island and apparently planning their attack
- eventually charging into battle (which was actually really scary, as there were people with swords running towards us).
- a little girl on the boat on the way back to England after our victory saying "I didn't have a sword for battle. They forgot to give me a sword."
- It was free.
It's part of the River to River Festival, and it is definitely worth seeing. Get to Battery Park around 4:30 to pick up your wristband (you can get two per person, but they do run out), then get dinner in the area and enjoy the park, and come back at 6:45 to see the play. If you don't get a good "seat," it doesn't matter, because in five minutes they'll have you moving to the next scene.

2. Animals Being Dicks. It is what it says it is.

3. I don't know that I actually "like" this, but it is a youtube video that you should probably know about:

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