Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Swiftly Resolved Readjustment of Relationship Schema

1. Hey, folks. It's summer. Make yourself some Vietnamese Summer Rolls. They require basically no cooking (none at all if you buy a ready-made sauce and don't bother with the vermicelli that some recipes call for), and they are one of the most simply delicious things ever.
You should probably google the recipe and choose the one that appeals to you most, as there are many variations. I've never done it with vermicelli, and I still love them. It's also fun to try different vegetables - the most common ones are cucumber, beans sprouts, and carrots, but I also like red pepper, radish, zucchini, and also shaved ginger.

2. The best part about this is the kid's accent and how quickly he settles the matter and moves on to ping pong. Do yourself a favor and don't bother reading the comments.

4. This song helps me get dressed in morning sometimes.

5. This has happened to me twice in the past month, once in New Rochelle, once in Iowa. In Iowa I located and killed the perpetrator, but the New Rochellean is still at large in my childhood bedroom. In my family we call these insects doubtfire bugs (I think the first experience my siblings had with one was while watching Mrs. Doubtfire), and there is a war against them. I once tried to kill one with a meat cleaver, but instead chopped an extension cord and made the power go out. I've learned since then, and only use flat, dull weapons.
source: fyeahragecartoons


  1. You are so right about those vietnamese rolls, but I can't have them without tofu and vermicelli!!

  2. I'll have to try it with those, Adrienne. I imagine that if I had them as the main dish of the meal I would really want the tofu for protein. My favorite thing about them though is how a few raw vegetables together can be one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten.