Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pickles of any kind.

1. Player pianos! The karaoke of the past. Yesterday I got to pretend to be able to play the Phantom of the Opera on the piano (in real life I can't even play Chopsticks). It was very exciting.

2. Amazing (but some disturbing) photographs from Afghanistan on the Atlantic site.
3. Home made bread and butter pickles.



Change - Kathleen Jessie Raine

Said the sun to the moon,
You cannot stay.

Says the moon to the waters,
All is flowing.

Says the fields to the grass,
Seed-time and harvest,
Chaff and grain.

You must change said,
Said the worm to the bud,
Though not to a rose,

Petals fade
That wings may rise
Borne on the wind.

You are changing
said death to the maiden, your wan face
To memory, to beauty.

Are you ready to change?
Says the thought to the heart, to let her pass
All your life long

For the unknown, the unborn
In the alchemy
Of the world's dream?

You will change,
says the stars to the sun,
Says the night to the stars.

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