Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture Day!

This has been a video heavy week here at Things I Like. I do like videos, but there are so many other likable things in the world! Today, for the sake of diversity (and those dear readers who cannot stream videos because they live in 1999/Harlan County Kentucky), we have a video-free blog post.

1. There is now an Earlham College Meme! I love it! I'm not ecstatic that John Jacobson was chosen as the main person to represent my alma mater, but I'll survive (if you read this, JJ, don't act like you're surprised). Here are some of the ones that ring true to my Earlham experience:

2. I am moving. I haven't mentioned that yet on this blog because moving is one of the things that I hate most in the world (there are some good things about this move: I'm moving from a house that I don't really like living in to a house where the odds are good that I'll like it, and some lovely people are helping me move). What I do want to say about the house that I've been living in for the past year is this: it has spectacular wallpaper. Let me share with you the best bits:
the inside of my closet is wallpapered with the Fox and the Hound

imagine an entire room covered in mushrooms
strawberry wallpaper peeling away to reveal a creepy doll paper, and also trains
this is my favorite part of the whole house, the fruit paper peeling and showing the turquoise wall
 3. Living in the kind of city where seeing a Quaker poster stuck in a traffic median ain't no big deal.

4. Mike's Bikes in California no longer uses pennies, which I think is a great idea.

"Payson's Leap" Seagrove, Florida 1974
Photograph by Susie Fitzhugh

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