Monday, August 22, 2011

We've Never Met, and That's Okay

1. Readers, I'm sorry that I didn't post about this book months ago when I first heard about it. I guess it slipped my mind. But that means that now we can have a video montage! (warning: there is repeated swearing in these videos).

2. Egg salad. I'm sorry, vegan readers, but I've recently gotten really into egg salad. It should be noted that one can also make tofu salad with very satisfying results. Anyway, I like egg salad because it's easy to make, easy to experiment with new ingredients, and delivers protein.
Here's my favorite way to do egg salad: hard boiled eggs, a little bit of mayo, some Frank's Red Hot, chopped up pickles, and dill. I also like to have a crunch, and use that as an opportunity to add in fresh veggies. Some people like celery, but I am of the opinion that it just takes up space without adding any flavor. I add whatever I have on hand, but favorites include chopped carrots, radish and/or red bell pepper.  Sometimes I add salt, but usually it's unnecessary. I sometimes eat egg salad on a sandwich, but I often eat it in a lettuce leaf.

3. Get ready for Stanger's Day!

4. Madison Young, an adult film star, recently made an art exhibit based on the ideas of motherhood and sexuality. She's gotten a lot of crap for it. I think that the art show itself is interesting, and that the controversy around it is even more interesting. Here's an opinion piece in Salon about it (another warning: the article acknowledges the existence of sex, porn, and boobs).

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