Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yoghurt, Granola, and Peaches Everyday

1) When I got to work yesterday morning, I found that my shelf in the refrigerator had been labeled:
 I enjoy puns made with my nickname. There are so many possibilities! My sisters look like Hel, my parents raised Hel, I drive like Hel on wheels.
My friend Max begins nearly every e-mail with a pun. They have included: Helven Warrior, Helmann's Mayonnaise, Helevated Blood Pressure, Helvis Presley,  Tickle Me Helmo and Village Helder.
The same friend also made me this picture in 2008 (it's Hel in a hand basket):

3. the Bios Urn, this is what I want when I die.

4. These are some lovely people that I have been friends with since I was ten. It's amazing to have people in my life who knew me throughout the obnoxious preteen and teen phases and still want to be my friend (but then again, I knew them through their preteen and teen phases and love them even more for it).

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