Wednesday, September 7, 2011


1. I am currently involved in two musical projects that I'm pretty excited about.
- The first is making a running playlist for my sister, who is going to run a marathon next month. It's an interesting challenge, because my musical taste is not often rhythmically influenced, but for running you want a good beat. I've been learning all kinds of things about my music that I'd never thought about before  - some of the songs that I think of as being the most energizing actually have really slow rhythms, and some folksy acoustic ones are actually quite fast paced. Do you run? What music helps you keep going?
- My wonderful friend and music buddy Ben Self has a lovely tumblr, and recently posted a list of his top 50 favorite songs. Inspired by his detailed and thoughtful list, and my own love of making lists, qualifying & quantifying the things I love, I'm working on my own list. It's fun and challenging and pretty revelatory.

2. I hung out with Baby and an 11 year old girl yesterday, and it was great. Also on the subject of hanging out with younger folks, last week I watched Bring It On with a 12 year old, and it was like watching it for the first time. Fantastic.

3. Art by Alice Arisu (not work safe).

4. I'm learning how to cook for just myself, stay healthy, and save money. I'm incredibly lucky to have a CSA share left over from my previous job, which keeps me in good vegetables. So far my main strategy has been to cook a large amount at the beginning of the week and eat that for lunch everyday, and then have a lighter simple meal for dinner. I have given myself a grocery budget of $50 per week, so I invest in one or two favorite ingredients at the beginning of the week (nice cheese, asparagus, seitan), and use it as many ways as I can. I'll keep you updated on how it goes.
This week, lunch is Orzo with Garlic-Ginger Vegetables (I added more garlic, more ginger, and cayenne pepper, and didn't do the whole chicken broth deal). I've determined that orzo is overrated and don't plan on spending money on it again.
I got this wonderful wok from my sister for Christmas. The brand is "Helen Chen."

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  1. Yay running mix! I'm excited. Also, I agree about the Orzo. -Laurel