Thursday, September 15, 2011

My love of rubber cement ctd.

1. A good book that I read this summer: Little Bee by Chris Cleave.
I also think that it's a fantastic cover.
2. Another view from my back yard:

3. I've written before about my love of rubber cement. It's the best. I recently started experimenting with using it to save white spaces when doing watercolor. You can buy fancy and expensive products to do that, or you can use rubber cement!

more things exploding by Alan Sailor here
5. I've been watching Skins lately, the original UK version. It's a sleezy teen dramedy and it's not particularly great, but it's not the worst and it's on Netflix watch instantly. And as is the case with many mediocre things, it has some moments of grandness. One such moment occurred in the season finale of season one, when a main character's strict Muslim father finds out that his son's best friend is gay.
He says:
"It's a fucking stupid messed up world. I've got my God. He speaks to me everyday. Some things I just can't work out so I leave them be, okay? Even if I think they're wrong, because I know someday he'll make me understand. I've got that trust. It's called belief. I'm a lucky man."

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