Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fancy Claps

1. Oh goodness this guy made himself a camera costume to beat all camera costumes.

2. I'm supportive of the Occupy Wall Street and adjacent movements, but this is important to keep in mind that even those of us who are "the 99%" in the United States are still incredibly privileged.

3. Good songs with good clapping.
- Rio by Hey Marseilles
- Fancy Claps by Wolf Parade
- the Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
I asked people for their favorite songs with clapping on facebook, and the only responses I got were:
- Oh Death! by Pearl and the Beard (from Greg W)
- Thinkin' Bout Something - Hanson (from Buda)

Do you have more favorites? Tell me. I'm working on a good claps mix.

4. Dancers, a photographic series by Bertil Nilsson (all of his work is great, check it out).

1 comment:

  1. RE: songs with clapping-

    "Before I Knew" Basia Bulat
    "No One Does it Like You" Department of Eagles
    "New York Is Killing Me" Gil Scott-Heron
    "Breaker" Low
    "20th Century Boy" or "Ride a white swan" T.Rex
    "You Were Too Old For Me" Pas/Cal (takes a little while for them to come in, but totally worth the wait)
    "A little soulful tune" Taj Mahal

    that was a half hour well spent.