Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Songs Good Claps

This is how I feel.
 It's been quite a project, but I fairly happy with this, the Good Songs Good Claps mix. It's gotten to the point where I awaken in the night remembering a song with clapping, and spend far too much time in the car hunched over with my ear to the stereo, saying "was that clapping? There's clapping in this song!" It is time to lay this project to rest. My one regret is that I do not have a flamenco or Spanish song on the mix. I tried.

Here is the track list of the abridged mix (CD length). There was a lot of angst in editing the list, sacrifices were made.

You have multiple options for listening to this mix. You can download it here (but note that it's not in the right order, the order that I painstakingly crafted).
You can listen to it on Spotify here. (This is my first time using Spotify, so if it doesn't work, please let me know).
A big thanks to everyone who suggested songs for the list. If your suggestions didn't get onto the mix, I'm sorry! It may be that I couldn't find where to download the song, or that they are on the extended list, which I plan to keep adding to throughout my life. If you would like to listen to the extended list, you can do so here on Spotify.

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