Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Post!

Halloween! Here are some Halloween things that I enjoyed this year:

1. On Sunday night I attended a haunted tour led by my 12 year old housemate and her friend. It included an overhead assault, creepy music, and hilarity.

2. Yesterday I dressed Baby up as an apple and went for a walk. The high school's girl cross country team ran by in full costume, their reaction to Baby was so high pitched that I think only the local dogs could really hear it.

3. Last night I drove around like a creeper looking at kids' costumes. My favorite was a homemade carrot costume.

4. After stalking small children, I went home, drank ginger beer, watched halloween Buffy episodes, and made art. It was a pretty great evening.

5. Halloween photography from Brooklyn by Joey L. who stopped people on the street to take pictures of their costumes.

5. Halloween in Harlem photography by Amy Stein.

6. Halloween or Williamsburg. Hilarious. And the captions are also fantastic.

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