Monday, November 14, 2011

Jade plants require little upkeep

1. My plant, Teacake Rochester, which I got for free on a street corner, is growing! One day he will be a jade shrub!
My pride and joy. See those little leaves? Those are new!
2. This weekend I made this cake. It was okay, I'll be changing some things if I make it again. One thing is that I will not use a cake pan with a removable bottom. Oh the dripping of melted caramel into the bottom of my friends' oven, oh the smoke, oh the relentless fire alarm. The best was that my friends were still totally game to immediately try it again.

3. The Adele Moment that Articulates Everything in Your Soul

4. Remember last week when I posted about this awesome mural on the side of an auto shop? On Sunday I saw another mural evidently by the same artist on the side of the parking garage on Clinton. Today I found out who's doing them! Well, kind of:

His mural on Clinton:

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