Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music, Art, Food (Things I Like in a Nutshell)

1. Ella Fitzgerald. Been listenin' to her all day. 'Cole Porter's Song Book,' is a particularly enjoyable album.
(Although I don't want to endorse the romanticizing of the "so taunt me, and hurt me, deceive me, desert me - I'm yours till I die" mentality of the above song, it's still super beautiful. And listen to Ella's range! Gosh.)

2. Artwork by GĂ©rard Stricher. I wish I could articulate why these paintings transcend a bunch of colors on a canvas, but I can't. Just look at them.
"La Fuite en Egypte"
3. Looking forward to the lunch I have packed for myself all morning. Today I have potato leek soup, good bread, and roasted beets and carrots. I made the soup on Tuesday. The recipe called for bacon, white wine, and heavy cream. That's a lot of money right there. So I chose one of the three: bacon. I haven't cooked meat in almost two years (between living with vegetarians, trying to cook cheaply, and trying to eat locally/organically, it just doesn't make a lot of sense), so I decided that if I was going to buy bacon, I was going to use it. So I did. Not all of it, but three more strips than the recipe called for. Delicious.
(Note: I've easily made the above recipe vegan/vegetarian before, substituting soy milk for cream, earth balance for butter, skipping the bacon altogether, and it was still tasty). 

It's come to my attention that not everyone knows how to roast veggies. Roasted veggies are, in my opinion, the most delicious veggies, and are easy to make. The only vegetable I've found to not roast well are greenbeans. Don't go there.
Here is a basic guide to roasting veggies. You can google for specific vegetable types. Once you get some experience roasting, you'll know what speed different vegetables roast at - when roasting a variety of vegetables I try to put them in different pans according to how long they'll take (beets and potatoes together, carrots and broccoli, etc). I like my veggies with a little bit of black on them. My mom says blackened food contains carcinogens, I say bring it - I probably take in more carcinogens walking down a busy street than eating these tasty tasty beets. 

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