Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music Music Music

One of my favorite things is when I hear a new song and immediately know that I'm going to listen to it so many times that I'll get sick of it. It's the best! Finding new music is one of my most time-consuming and enjoyable pastimes.
Here are some of my music finding secrets:
1) Listen!
TV commercials, movie previews, television shows, the radio, music your friends play on road trips. All great sources of music. I try to remember a few lines of the lyrics, then google it when I get the chance to find out who sings it. I also pay attention when people post songs on facebook.
Along with this secret come two of my music rules: don't be ashamed, and don't be a jerk. There's nothing wrong with finding out about a band through a car commercial. Music is meant to be enjoyed, you're enjoying it, and that's that. Likewise, if you knew a band and loved them and then you hear them on a TV show, repress the urge to say "I knew this band before they got played on Grey's Anatomy." It doesn't make anyone like you better, and it doesn't make you actually enjoy that song anymore either.
2) Last.fm.
Last.fm is a music website that creates a profile of the music you listen to, and can then give you recommendations based on the music you already know and like. You can also see what your friends are listening to, or make new friends from all around the world who have similar musical taste. Lastfm also has a radio player, similar to Pandora, and lists shows for bands you like playing in your area.
3) KEXP song of the day.
I'm subscribed to their podcast, so I get a new song everyday. It's free, and legal! A big plus about this is that the songs are from new records, so sometimes you get them before the album has been released. To convert a podcast file into a music file on itunes, select the song, then go to File > Get Info > Options > Media Kind. Select: music file. Also uncheck "remember playback position" and "skip when shuffling."
4) We Are Hunted
An online music chart / radio site. You can make your own chart with music you like. This site is based on what people are listening to, so it's not necessarily new music (many of the songs in the "folk" genre were released a year or more ago),  but it's still good for finding music that is new to you.

Other ways to listen to music online: Pandora, Grooveshark, Spotify

And with that, here are some songs/bands that I've been excited about recently:
- Concerning Past & Future Conquests and Dig Down Deep by Vandaveer
- Pilgriming Vine and Heart of My Own by Basia Bulat
- Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men
- Same Mistake - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
- Knees and Clothes, Friends, Photos by Peter and Kerry
Okay I just got overwhelmed at the amount of music that I want to share. You can listen to my playlist of "new" music (as in new to me, not necessarily new in the sense of recently released) on spotify here.

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