Monday, November 7, 2011

Sliced Bread

1) On Friday I had one of the best trips to the grocery store ever.
- An elderly man told his wife to sit on the front of his small shopping cart, which she did. I overheard her say "How far are we going?" and he said "Wherever you want to go!"
- Free cheese samples.
- Two small brothers walking after their mom with their arms around each other.
- Free beer samples, and the woman distributing them told me that there are actually fewer calories in Guinness than most other beers.

2) This awesome new mural on the side of an auto shop on Seneca.

3) Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to tell their kids they'd eaten all of their Halloween candy. You can see a combination of all of the videos here, but I think this is the best one by far:


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