Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pushups, bike riding, bread.

1. Last night at 1am I witnessed a spontaneous push up contest between a bunch of bros on the Commons (a strip of stores, restaurants and bars, without cars) while one of the local street minstrels played a fast paced tune on the guitar and watched.


3. Back when the Clear Creek Co-Op was on Earlham campus, volunteers used to come in and bake bread on Sunday mornings, and if you got there early enough you could buy a loaf for a few bucks. My favorite bakers were Miriam and Dan, they often made this fantastic bread with candied ginger in it. I asked Miriam for the recipe, and now, three years later, I have finally gotten around to making it. Here is the recipe. I doubled the amount of ginger, and soaked the bulgar in equal amount water for half an hour beforehand. If you like gingery things, try it (although it is dairy filled, I am sorry to say).

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  1. It is exceedingly easy to veganise that bread, just FYI. As it is with most things. :-)