Saturday, February 25, 2012

If You Wubba Me, Then I Will Wubba You

I've slacked a little this week on updating, here is a super-post to make up for it!

1. We had another concert at my house on Thursday, with the Stray Birds. There's nothing like rolling back the rug in your living room and filling it up with music and people. Having dinner with the band before hand and watching them while holding Baby in my lap are additional bonuses. I love live music and banjos and ballads and not having to leave my house for any of these things is the best.

2. 48 Pictures that Perfectly Capture the 1990's (in the USA). What an age to be alive.
Kurt and I have nearly identical sunglasses.
3. Thinking about the 90's inspired me to look up this Sesame Street song. Remember this? I was not aware, in my youth, of who many of the celebrities were, but now it's like a time capsule. 

4. I spent my Friday night skyping with the wonderful Isa. Our conversation covered many topics, including our gratitude that we're not prostitutes. 
Isa: And you know, it's just always something to be grateful for...
Hel: At least you're not a hooker.
Isa: Right, and even if you are, maybe you'll meet the right man.

5. This guy put a lot of time and effort into photoshopping pictures of celebrities into his party pictures.

6.  Switcheroos by Hana Pesut.

7. Loving this song/this band lately. 

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  1. I made it on your bloooogggg! YESSS! those photoshop pictures are pretty good!