Tuesday, March 27, 2012

whatever else my life is

- Mary Oliver

    a black bear
      has just risen from sleep
         and is staring

down the mountain.
    All night
      in the brisk and shallow restlessness
         of early spring

I think of her,
    her four black fists
      flicking the gravel,
         her tongue

like a red fire
    touching the grass,
      the cold water.
         There is only one question:

how to love this world.
    I think of her
         like a black and leafy ledge

to sharpen her claws against
    the silence
      of the trees.
         Whatever else

my life is
    with its poems
      and its music
         and its glass cities,

it is also this dazzling darkness
      down the mountain,
         breathing and tasting;

all day I think of her—
    her white teeth,
      her wordlessness,
         her perfect love.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Gift Fun Bags!

Okay, I'm about to leave for the airport to fly to Alabama, but before I do I wanted to like a few things. I had a wonderful time in Boston with friends. As part of my month-long celebration, I had a joint birthday/St. Patty's Day party with my friend Will V. Meg gave us each fantastic gift bags, filled with a few of my favorite things.
- A plastic water gun.
- A mustache mask.
- Temporary tattoos.
- A cush ball.
- A "Happy Birthday" shot glass.
- Sparkly star sunglasses.
- A spoon that, when you put the spoon part in your mouth, makes it look like you have a really long tongue (unfortunately Will has the pictures of these spoons on his camera, so I can't show you right now).
I feel like I'm missing something, but still,  so many fun things!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

month-long birthday celebration leaves little time for blogging

Dear readers, I am not going to make up excuses for being such a forgetful blogger this month. And I have to admit that this whole month might be a little light on blog posts. Apologies, and promises of an active April, are all I can offer.

I found this site because my blog is referenced! A picture I stole from the internet and used without crediting the source! I don't know how I feel about it, but I like the rest of the pictures so much!

2. On my new computer, or in the most recent iphoto, there is this feature where you identify the faces of the folks in your pictures. Super stupid and pointless, right? I know it is, but I am now kind of addicted to it. The best part is when it messes up in its identifications, especially since I have so many pictures of Nicaraguan children.
Some favorites:



4. Allow me to list for you all of the things that were wonderful about my birthday weekend (okay, it would be impossible to list all of the things, here are some of the things):
- A late night drunk dial from Maggie and Chez wishing me happy birthday first thing.
- Aaron and Natalie visiting.
- Waking up in the morning and watching this video first thing:

- Diner breakfast.
- Climbing around in the gorge behind my house.
- Potluck with a few favorite people.
- Homemade chocolate cake with raspberries.
- Baby wearing my birthday tiara.
- Good wine and beer.
- Not having a committee meeting on Sunday, as I had feared I might.


6. The guy in line in front of my at Walmart (don't judge me, I needed to buy a cooler to transport the beer in my fridge leftover from the weekend and it was the only place open) saw that I only had a few items and let me go ahead of him in the only open check out line in the store.

Friday, March 9, 2012

apologies from your favorite tampon company

Hello dear readers! I am writing this from my new (refurbished) macbook pro! It is so exciting! The keyboard is fully functional!

1. If you can watch videos, watch this before its run on youtube is over. Worth it.

"We want as many people as possible to see what happened inside that courtroom," said Reiner, a founding member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is funding the federal fight for marriage equality.
Relying largely on transcripts from court proceedings, "8" introduces viewers to the couples who challenged the California initiative, the attorneys who argued their case and a bumbling witness who spoke out against them.

It's exciting to see all of the celebrities involved, but being the dork I am I was the most excited when Dr. Herek testified - seeing as how I've read almost every study he's done, and pretty much every study done on homophobia/heterosexism since the 1980's references his work. 

“I told the children that this was going in The New York Times Magazine. I asked the boys to give me ‘serious New York attitude’ and the girls to give me ‘Lady Gaga,’ ” Neville said. “This is what they came up with.”

3. So about a year ago, there was an o.b. tampon shortage. If you use o.b., you will remember this as a dark dark time in which, no matter how many stores you went to, you simply could not find your beloved tampons. I was so flustered that I went online, and discovered that this was a nation-wide crisis. Some sort of manufacturing problem. Boxes of o.b.'s were selling on ebay for 5 times their original worth. I resorted to using Tampax (terrible). When they finally reappeared, I went online and ordered $70 worth on drugstore.com, just so that I would be prepared should the great o.b. shortage repeat itself. 
Turns out that the outcry was so widespread that o.b. filmed this FANTASTIC APOLOGY SONG. It's one of the best thing that's ever happened to me. You should watch it. Even if you are a guy and don't even know what the big deal is, you should type in the name you would choose were you female and watch it. I might watch it myself every time someone does me wrong. 

(Hint: don't use your nickname if it's uncommon, he'll just call you "girl." What this means, though, is that it's not a computer program that sounds out names phonetically - they must have paid this guy to go through a baby name book and sing every name the way that it's meant to be pronounced. Dedication.) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

sadf ddfaty

ROn RSatyuERdfay ercverningh, i was cvleraningh my laptyop wityh nail polish ERmocver on a q tyip. tyhis is how i always cvleran tyher suERdfacves, ity woERKs pERtyty werll. erxcverpty tyhaty tyher nail polish ERermocver was ghertytyingh low, so i tyilerdtyerdf tyher bnotytyer tyo werty tyher q-/tyip, andf pERocvererdferdf tyo spill a small abmounty ontyo my laptyop. ity woERkerdf dfoER a litytyler whiler, andf tyhern tyehr mouser styaERtyerdf dfERakingh outy. ercverntyually tyher mouser cvalmerdf dfown, bnuty tyhern i dfiscvocvererdf tyhaty my kerybnoERadf apperaERERdf tyo bner intyoxicvatyerdf. womp womp.
i'cver ghadf tyhis cvomputyer dfoER dfouER yeraERs, andf hacver bnerern cvonsidferingh bnuyingh a nerw R(ERbdfuERbnisherdfR) oner dfoER a wrhilre. i ghuerss tyhis was justy a push in tyhaty dfiERcvtyion. i'm tyeringh tyo dfererl erxcvityerdf abnouty a nerw cvomputyer, andf noty ERally anghERy/sadf/dfissapointyerdf in my serldf dfoER sucvh a styupidf mistyaker. on tyher bnERighty sidfer, idf my laptyop hadf tyo sudfdfer, aty lerasty ity is pERtytyy hilaERious.

Translation (using external keyboard):
On Saturday evening, I was cleaning my laptop with  nail polish remover on a q-tip. This is how I always clean the surfaces, it works pretty well. Except that this time the nail polish remover was getting low, so I tilted the bottle to wet the q-tip, and proceeded to spill a small amount onto my laptop. It worked for a little while, and then the mouse started freaking out. Eventually the mouse calmed down, but then I discoverd that my keyboard appeared to be intoxicated. Womp womp.

I've had this computer for four years, and have been considering buying a new (refurbished) one for a while. I guess this was a push in that direction. I'm trying to feel excited about a new computer, and not really angry/sad/disappointed in myself for such a stupid mistake. On the bright side, if my laptop had to suffer, at least it is pretty hilarious.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

the stupidest happy kid on the block

1. I just really love Ellen, and Michelle Obama.

2. This article about bullying, being bullied, and who we blame for it.

3. Anti-Oppressive Baby Animals. There is a Tumblr for everything.

4. Wind.

5. Free wine. Ithaca is the Land of the Free Wine. Love it. 

I love love, for example,

its diminishments and renewals,
I love being the
stupidest happy kid on the block.
So good to find them:
the people who’ve
discovered fraudulence in their lives
who’ve cast off, say
a twenty-year lie.
Those who’ve gotten away from me:
read this, and call.
Those whom I’ve hurt:
I wanted everything, or not enough.
It was all my fault.
I love the number of people
you can love at the same time,
one deep erotic love,
radiating even to strangers,
cynics, making a temporary sense
of the senseless, choreful day.
Listen, my truest love.
I’ve tried to clear a late century place for us
in among the shards.
Lie down, tell me what you need.
Here is where loneliness can live
with failure,
and nothing’s complete.
I love how we go on.
Stephen Dunn, From ‘Loves’

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Music and a Poem


2. It's March! Happy March! March means spring and daffodils and a month-long birthday celebration for me and Baby. 


Father's Song

Yesterday, against admonishment,
my daughter balanced on the couch back,
fell and cut her mouth.
Because I saw it happen I knew
she was not hurt, and yet
a child’s blood’s so red
it stops a father’s heart.
My daughter cried her tears;
I held some ice
against her lip.
That was the end of it.
Round and round; bow and kiss
I try to teach her caution;
she tries to teach me risk.
—Gregory Orr

5. Walk of the Earth does some creative covers. Thanks, Jo.

6. Still real into First Aid Kit, as terrible as their band name is, as mediocre as their music videos are.

7. This. A Downton Abbey rap. Oh goodness. (Thanks, Eileen).