Friday, March 9, 2012

apologies from your favorite tampon company

Hello dear readers! I am writing this from my new (refurbished) macbook pro! It is so exciting! The keyboard is fully functional!

1. If you can watch videos, watch this before its run on youtube is over. Worth it.

"We want as many people as possible to see what happened inside that courtroom," said Reiner, a founding member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is funding the federal fight for marriage equality.
Relying largely on transcripts from court proceedings, "8" introduces viewers to the couples who challenged the California initiative, the attorneys who argued their case and a bumbling witness who spoke out against them.

It's exciting to see all of the celebrities involved, but being the dork I am I was the most excited when Dr. Herek testified - seeing as how I've read almost every study he's done, and pretty much every study done on homophobia/heterosexism since the 1980's references his work. 

“I told the children that this was going in The New York Times Magazine. I asked the boys to give me ‘serious New York attitude’ and the girls to give me ‘Lady Gaga,’ ” Neville said. “This is what they came up with.”

3. So about a year ago, there was an o.b. tampon shortage. If you use o.b., you will remember this as a dark dark time in which, no matter how many stores you went to, you simply could not find your beloved tampons. I was so flustered that I went online, and discovered that this was a nation-wide crisis. Some sort of manufacturing problem. Boxes of o.b.'s were selling on ebay for 5 times their original worth. I resorted to using Tampax (terrible). When they finally reappeared, I went online and ordered $70 worth on, just so that I would be prepared should the great o.b. shortage repeat itself. 
Turns out that the outcry was so widespread that o.b. filmed this FANTASTIC APOLOGY SONG. It's one of the best thing that's ever happened to me. You should watch it. Even if you are a guy and don't even know what the big deal is, you should type in the name you would choose were you female and watch it. I might watch it myself every time someone does me wrong. 

(Hint: don't use your nickname if it's uncommon, he'll just call you "girl." What this means, though, is that it's not a computer program that sounds out names phonetically - they must have paid this guy to go through a baby name book and sing every name the way that it's meant to be pronounced. Dedication.) 

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